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New Directions 

It's been almost a year since my last blog post. I've done a lot in that time, met a lot of great people that are now friends, and written a number of songs that I feel good about. Nashville has been amazing. I made 12 trips down there last year and have no intention of stopping now. Really, I'm just getting started.

If you've been following me on SoundCloud, you probably know that I've been trending more and more towards Top 40/Pop in my writing style. Some of you may be surprised, but I can tell you that…Read more


Sorry for the long blog drought, but I'm back! I've been spending most of my time working on new material, not only for myself, but to pitch to major label artists. I'll be spending about a week each month this year in Nashville, Tennessee making connections and looking for any opportunities that are available to me.

I took my first trip down there just over two weeks ago at the end of January. I got a good feel for the city, got the lay of the land, and know what places to frequent when I have some extra…Read more

Where I'm At and Where I'll Be 

I've been very busy with promotion and online marketing since "Somebody" has been primed for release. Spreading the word isn't nearly as tough as getting people to listen to the word and respond to it. I know making progress, slowly but surely, every time I meet a new friend or get a new comment on a performance or on my album. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. I want to thank all of those who have listened, especially those who have shared my music with friends and family. You're helping me…

CD Release 

The "Somebody" VA CD Release Party is in the books and was a big success. Thanks to all of those who made it out on Saturday, especially the folks that took a CD or t-shirt home! The Lion & Bull is a great venue that I hope to fill time and time again. Thanks to Andy Hamburger on drums, Holly Montgomery on bass and vocals, and Dan James on guitar and vocals for taking the stage with me and performing at their best.

I read a lot of material about how to throw a CD release and what formats other bands had…Read more

Me, But Not Me 

My debut album "Somebody" recently saw digital distribution and is now all over the internet. The distributor is CD Baby.com, a company that makes it possible for independent artists like me to have their music placed at major online retailers, gain exposure, and sell more albums than otherwise possible. When an artist is added to a service like Spotify or iTunes, a biography, list of similar artists, stuff like that is added as well, to let the world know something about the person behind the album. Here's…Read more

From Sweet Tea to CD 

The last 10 months have been the busiest, most exciting, and are about to be the most rewarding of my professional life. In just one week, "Somebody" will be available and my first real shot at making it will be taken. 

So much goes into making an album that was completely unknown to me before I did it. All of the studio techniques and tricks, mixing, mastering, being a part of it all was sort of like pulling back the curtain and seeing the truth, but the truth was even more incredible and magical than I…Read more

Now's The Time 

This is it! The wheels have started to turn. "I'm Ready Now" is out on a number of websites: here on this site, Facebook, Twitmusic, ReverbNation, NoiseTrade, and several more. I've finally got some music out there with more close behind. Each day is another chance for my music to reach another listener and hopefully another fan. Every download is a small victory for me. It's very exciting to finally be a musician with a record and a real shot to make things happen.

Getting one's material out there and…Read more

Why I'm Making a Record 

Hey everyone, first post on my brand new website. I figure my first blog post should be something good, something important. So I'll start with why I'm working on bolstering my web prescence and trying to make a name for myself.

Over the last few months I've been making a record. I wanted to approach it with an 'all or nothing' mentality, because this record is my shot to show who I am, what I can do, and that I can write songs that really mean something. I have 11 originals that I've composed over the…Read more

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